Every now and then, people come across miracle healers that claim to perform supernatural acts to heal and solve problems. Sometimes these claims seem so realistic that we start to believe in them. Peter Popoff was one such miracle-healer that took the world by storm in the 80s. He claimed to have powers to heal diseases and fix people’s financial issues. However, it was later discovered that his claims were far from true. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Peter Popoff controversy, expose his misleading practices, and reveal the truth behind his miracle claims.

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Section 1: The rise of Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff was a born-again Christian who started his evangelistic ministry in the late 70s. He held massive tent revivals preaching the gospel and healing people of various ailments. Peter Popoff’s popularity rose in the 80s when he claimed to have divine powers to heal serious illnesses like cancer, tuberculosis, and paralysis. He claimed to be God’s messenger and had direct communication with God. Thousands of people flocked to his crusades to experience his healing prowess.

Section 2: Miracle water and evangelism

Peter Popoff’s famous miracle-water was his secret potion that healed people instantly. He would distribute vials of water to the attendees and ask them to drink it. His ministry became popular all over the world, and he made millions of dollars with his miracle claims. He also used his extensive mailing list to circulate his evangelizing messages and solicit funds from his followers. It was later discovered that all the attendees were pre-screened, and their personal information was tapped from their conversations before the events.

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Section 3: The fall of Peter Popoff

In the late 80s, Peter Popoff’s empire came crashing down when a Christian magician, James Randi, exposed him on national television. Randi attended one of Popoff’s crusades and discovered that he was using a small earpiece to communicate with his wife backstage, who would feed him information about the attendees. It was a scam, and Popoff was exposed finally. However, Popoff continued his ministry but on a smaller scale.

Section 4: Peter Popoff’s resurgence

In 2015, Peter Popoff made a comeback with a new website, where he used the same gimmicks and made similar promises of divine healing. He now targeted the older population, who he believed were more vulnerable to his tricks. He started a new crusade with his wife, Elizabeth, where they claimed to have special healing and prayer powers that could transform lives.

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Section 5: The legal battle and exposure

In 1986, Popoff filed for bankruptcy due to massive debts. He was sued for fraud, and a settlement of $6 million was reached. However, he managed to pay off the debt and was back in business. In 2007, he was sued again by the Federal Trade Commission for fraud, misleading claims, and false advertising. This time, he had to pay a fine of $500,000 and stop his false advertising.

Section 6: Popoff’s theology

Peter Popoff believed in the Prosperity Gospel, which means that God rewards faith with material blessings and wealth. He used this theology to lure people into his crusades and promised them health and financial success in exchange for their belief. Popoff’s message was popular among the poor, who believed in the possibility of change for a better future.

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Section 7: The impact of Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff’s ministry has had a significant impact on the Christian community and the world at large. Popoff’s scam had created distrust and skepticism of ministries that claim to heal people of their ailments, making it more challenging for genuine healers to operate. The Prosperity Gospel, meanwhile, continues to influence millions of people worldwide and is a source of controversy in many Christian circles.

Section 8: Conclusion

Peter Popoff’s trickery and deceit have been exposed, but the Prosperity Gospel still appeals to millions of people worldwide. In addition, there are other miracle-healers who are taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities. It is essential to exercise caution and skepticism when encountered with miracle-healers and evangelists that make seemingly unrealistic claims. We must always remember that claims of divine healing and supernatural powers require skepticism and critical thinking.

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1. Who is Peter Popoff?
Ans. – Peter Popoff is a born-again Christian who started his evangelistic ministry in the late 70s. He became famous in the 80s for his claims of divine healing powers and his miracle water.

2. What is the Prosperity Gospel?
Ans. – The Prosperity Gospel is a theology that teaches that God rewards faith with material wealth and blessings. Peter Popoff used this theology to appeal to people looking for financial success.

3. How was Peter Popoff exposed?
Ans. – A Christian magician, James Randi, exposed Peter Popoff on national television in the late 80s. He revealed that Popoff was using an earpiece to receive information about his followers.

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4. What was the impact of Peter Popoff’s scam?
Ans. – Peter Popoff’s scam created distrust and skepticism of ministries that claimed to heal people of their ailments, making it difficult for genuine healers to operate.

5. Can people be truly healed by miracle-healers?
Ans. – Some people might claim to have been healed by miracle-healers, but we must exercise skepticism and seek professional medical help for severe ailments.

6. Why do miracle-healers continue to operate?
Ans. – Miracle-healers continue to operate because people are still in search of hope, healing, and divine intervention. Popoff’s scam has created skepticism, but people still believe in the possibility of being healed by such people.

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7. Is the Prosperity Gospel still prevalent today?
Ans. – Yes, the Prosperity Gospel is still prevalent today in many Christian circles. It remains controversial among theologians, and some argue that it is not consistent with Christian teachings.


Peter Popoff’s controversial miracle claims and Prosperity Gospel have been exposed for what they truly were, a scam preying on people’s vulnerabilities. We must exercise caution and skepticism when encountering similar miracle healers, and always seek professional medical help for severe ailments. Genuine healers do exist, but it is essential to approach such claims with a critical and logical mind. The impact of Popoff’s scam is undeniable, and we must continue to educate ourselves and others to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. We must always remember that claims of divine healing and supernatural powers require skepticism and critical thinking.

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