The Story of Scott Waites: From Pub to World Champion Darter

Do you know who Scott Waites is? He is a remarkable dart player who went from playing in pubs to become a world champion. His story is an inspiration to many who dream of achieving greatness. Let’s dive into his journey and discover how he became a legend.


Scott Waites was born on February 17, 1977, in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. He was a well-established player in the Yorkshire darts circuit before he made his breakthrough in professional darts. He first rose to fame when he won the BDO World Championship in 2013 and then again in 2016.

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Early Life and Journey

Scott Waites was introduced to darts at a young age by his father and grandfather. He played darts in the local pub and practiced on a dartboard set up in his garage. As he grew older, he continued to play in the local leagues and started competing in regional and national tournaments.

In 2001, Waites won his first major competition, the England Classic. It was then that he made the decision to play darts professionally. He joined the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and started competing in their tournaments.

Rise to Fame

Scott Waites quickly made a name for himself in the darting world. He won several tournaments, including England Open, the British Open, and the Winmau World Masters. His most significant victory came at the 2013 BDO World Championship, where he defeated Tony O’Shea in the final.

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He went on to win the World Championship again in 2016, solidifying his place as one of the greatest darts players of his time. He also represented England in the PDC World Cup of Darts and the Grand Slam of Darts.

Playing Style

Scott Waites is known for his unique playing style, which involves a quick and accurate throw. He has a particular technique where he holds the dart close to the tip instead of holding it in the middle. This allows him to have better control over the dart and make more accurate throws.

Challenges and Setbacks

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Waites had to overcome many challenges in his career. In 2014, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a bacterial infection spread by ticks. It caused him to lose weight and feel weak, and he had to take time off from playing to recover.

He also struggled with financial difficulties and had to take a hiatus from darts to work to pay his bills. Despite these setbacks, Waites never gave up and continued to pursue his dreams.

Scott Waites Today

Scott Waites is still an active darts player and continues to play in various tournaments. He currently plays in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) circuit, and his latest success was winning the PDC Challenge Tour 2019.

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1. What is Scott Waites’ highest checkout?

Scott Waites’ highest checkout is 170, which is the highest possible score that can be achieved in darts by checking out on 20, T20, and bullseye.

2. What is Scott Waites’ nickname?

Scott Waites’ nickname is “Scotty 2 Hotty.”

3. What is Scott Waites’ biggest achievement in darts?

Scott Waites’ biggest achievement in darts is winning the BDO World Championship twice, in 2013 and 2016.

4. Who does Scott Waites play for?

Scott Waites currently plays for the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) circuit.

5. What is Scott Waites’ unique playing style?

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Scott Waites’ unique playing style involves holding the dart close to the tip instead of holding it in the middle, allowing him to have better control over the dart and make more accurate throws.

6. When did Scott Waites win his first major competition?

Scott Waites won his first major competition, the England Classic, in 2001.

7. What challenges did Scott Waites face in his career?

Scott Waites faced several challenges in his career, including financial difficulties, health problems, and balancing work and darts.


Scott Waites is a true inspiration to those who dream of achieving greatness. His journey from playing in pubs to becoming a world champion is proof that hard work, dedication, and perseverance can lead to success. Scott Waites is undoubtedly one of the greatest darts players of his generation, and we can’t wait to see what he achieves next. If you dream of becoming a world champion someday, remember that anything is possible with dedication and perseverance.

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