The Rise of Nick Franklin: A Story of Persistence and Success

Have you ever faced failure repeatedly and felt like giving up? Well, Nick Franklin’s story will inspire you to keep going. Nick Franklin is a professional baseball player who has faced numerous challenges throughout his career. But he overcame them all through hard work, determination, and persistence. Let’s delve into his story and learn how he achieved success despite facing failure.


Nick Franklin was born on 2nd March 1991 in Longwood, Florida. He was passionate about baseball from an early age and played for the Lake Brantley High School team. In 2009, he was selected by the Seattle Mariners in the first round of the MLB draft. He signed with the Mariners in August and started his professional baseball career. However, his journey was not easy, and he faced several challenges along the way.

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Section 1: Rejection in the Minors?

After he was drafted, Nick played in the Minor Leagues for several years. He worked hard to improve his skills and eventually made it to the Mariners’ Major League team in 2013. However, he did not perform well, and the Mariners sent him back to the minors. Despite facing rejection, Nick remained focused and continued to work hard to improve his game.

Section 2: Changing teams

In 2014, Nick was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays. He played for the Rays for a few years but struggled to perform consistently. In 2017, the Rays released him, and he became a free agent. It was a low point in Nick’s career, but he did not give up.

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Section 3: Moving abroad

In 2018, Nick signed with the Milwaukee Brewers and played in their minor league team. However, he struggled to get back into the Major League team, and he was eventually released. With his baseball career hanging in the balance, Nick decided to sign with the Acereros de Monclova, a team in the Mexican Baseball League. It was a significant decision, but Nick knew that it could help him get back into the Major Leagues.

Section 4: Success in Mexico

Nick played for the Acereros de Monclova for two seasons, and he performed exceptionally well. He batted .319, hit 37 home runs, and had 125 RBIs. His performance caught the attention of the Major League teams, and he eventually received a contract offer from the Milwaukee Brewers in 2020.

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Section 5: Back in the Majors

In 2020, after playing in Mexico for two seasons, Nick made it back to the Major Leagues. He played for the Milwaukee Brewers for a few months and then joined the Pittsburgh Pirates. His persistence and hard work had paid off, and he was back playing in the Major Leagues.

Section 6: Facing injuries

Nick’s journey was still not over as he faced an injury in 2021, and he was out of action for several weeks. It was a challenging period, but Nick did not lose hope. He recovered from the injury and continued to work hard to improve his game.

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Section 7: Present-day success

In 2021, Nick was signed by the Los Angeles Angels, where he is currently playing. He has performed well and has been a valuable player for the Angels. Nick might not have had an easy journey, but his persistence and hard work have paid off. He has shown that one can achieve success through hard work and determination.


Q.1) What are the challenges Nick Franklin faced in his career?
Nick faced numerous challenges in his career, including rejection, inconsistency, injury, and being released from teams.

Q.2) How did Nick Franklin overcome his obstacles?
Nick overcame his obstacles through hard work, determination, persistence, and by continuously improving his game.

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Q.3) What is Nick Franklin’s career highlight?
Nick’s career highlight was when he played for the Acereros de Monclova in the Mexican Baseball League and hit 37 home runs while batting .319.

Q.4) Which team is Nick Franklin playing for currently?
Nick Franklin is playing for the Los Angeles Angels currently.

Q.5) What message does Nick Franklin’s story convey?
Nick Franklin’s story conveys the message that one can achieve success through hard work, determination, and persistence.

Q.6) When did Nick Franklin start playing baseball?
Nick started playing baseball in his high school years.

Q.7) How can Nick Franklin’s story inspire us?
Nick’s story can inspire us to never give up and keep working hard, even in the face of difficult challenges.

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Nick Franklin’s journey was full of challenges, but he overcame them all through his hard work and determination. His persistence and continuous improvement of his skills helped him get back into the Major Leagues. Nick’s story teaches us never to give up and to keep working hard towards our goals. It’s a story of inspiration and a testament to the power of persistence and hard work. Remember, never give up on your dreams, and success will come if you keep trying.

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