Suppose you have been making profitable trades or need access to your money for any reason. In that case, there may come a time when you may wish to enjoy the benefits of your trading activity, whether you are using an online broker for short-term trading or longer-term investments. You must first withdraw funds from your broker account to do it.

That doesn’t look too complex. However, brokers vary greatly regarding the speed and convenience of withdrawals and their withdrawal methods (such as bank transfers or credit/debit cards). Additionally, while most brokers offer free withdrawals, some brokers and withdrawal types may charge a fee.

What is the performance of Moneta Markets in this regard? Before we get into the specifics, let us quickly go over how to withdraw money from Moneta Markets and how its withdrawal choices and costs stack up against some of its main competitors.

Optional withdrawals from Moneta Markets

Bank transfers are by far the most popular method of withdrawal. Almost all brokers offer it, and Moneta Markets is no exception.

You can withdraw money from Moneta Markets to a debit or credit card in addition to transferring money by bank. This is a feature that few brokers provide. Therefore, Moneta Markets has an advantage here.

Additionally, withdrawals to digital wallets are possible.

You must follow these steps to withdraw money from Moneta Markets:

Login to your account.

Choose “Withdrawal” or “Withdraw money” from the relevant option.

Decide which withdrawal method and account to use (if more than one option is available)

When requested, enter the withdrawal amount and a brief justification or description.

Send your request

You can only withdraw money to accounts or cards in your name, regardless of your chosen method.

Fees for withdrawals from Moneta Markets

While most of the time, adding money to a brokerage account is free, the same cannot always be said for taking money out. Consider whether high costs, particularly for international bank and wire transfers, might apply to your transactions.

We’re happy to inform you that Moneta Markets does not charge for basic withdrawals. For more information, potential exclusions, and a comparison of Moneta Markets with some of its direct rivals.

Moneta Markets cannot deposit money with third parties because of AML/CTF laws and regulations. Your Moneta Markets trading account and any money you withdraw need to be in the same name.

If a different payment gateway cannot process a withdrawal, we will do so immediately by bank transfer. To do this, clients must submit an online bank wire withdrawal request and a copy of their bank statement. All withdrawal requests are handled from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT +10), Monday through Friday.

The minimum charge for international bank wire transfers is 20 units, or 20 USD, of your trading account’s base currency. Before depositing the withdrawal amount to the designated bank account, Moneta Markets is the best forex for beginners.

 will subtract this fee from the withdrawal amount.

For information on any costs your bank might impose for the services it offers, kindly get in touch with them Clients understand that when processing a withdrawal request, Moneta Markets may require them to give information and documents regarding the source(s) of the deposit(s) and the Clients’ source of wealth in general. They agree to do so. When a client fails to provide all necessary information or Moneta Markets has valid concerns that doing so might violate the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws and regulations (AML/CTF Laws), Moneta Markets reserves the right to refuse to process a withdrawal request.

Customers understand that Moneta Markets does not, under any circumstances, guarantee the recall of a financial transaction and is not responsible for any losses incurred due to improper instructions or inaccurate information about the destination account.

If Moneta Markets is also one of the best forex for beginners has a good-faith reason to think that processing the withdrawal request could result in a negative balance on the trading account, it may choose not to process the withdrawal request.

Moneta Markets maintains the right to deny a withdrawal request if a charge-back inquiry is ongoing about the trading account.

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