The application of business process document automation in business functions has been on the rise globally, growing from 57% in 2018 to 66% in 2022. This trend results from the continuous need for companies to speed up processes, cut costs and increase productivity. Statistics suggest that one in ten employees are bored and feel burdened by repetitive tasks, which can be automated. Consequently, through document automation, companies can tap the long-term benefits of scalability in the current highly dynamic business environment.

Thanks to software document automation, you can reliably increase your business efficiency and reduce errors faster and with less labor. Are you seeking to incorporate automation into your business processes? Currently, only 48 per cent of businesses have managed to implement one or more automation processes in their workflows. This guide helps you understand why you require document development software and how to implement the strategy to boost productivity and efficiency.

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What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

BPA refers to the strategic use of applications or tech to tone down complex and repetitive business functions and combine them under one platform to attain business goals. Such processes that require automation include the use of document development software to format, validate and approve business docs, generate invoices, enter, manage and back-up data, manage social media, and streamline service delivery.  Consequently, BPA entails complex processes with variable data that extend beyond the management of business records. Also, software customization is necessary since every business entity has different functions and objectives.

Why you need to automate your docs?

  • Automation leads to consistency, which is critical in some business processes. Consistency in documentation and other procedures enhances brand credibility.
  • A major challenge companies face in file management is document loss or the inability to locate critical documents. Document automation solutions help businesses validate documents at the creation point to reduce the instances of search errors.
  • Employee engagement is a critical factor in increasing productivity and business success. Document creation tools increase teamwork and efficiency by allowing employees to collaborate on shared responsibilities and tasks. As a result, this increases job satisfaction and enhances service delivery, culminating in happy customers.
  • Finally, automation strategy documents offer room to scale down business cost-effectively on demand to cater for shifts in business needs and other market demands.
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Generating and Managing Documents with Automation

Document workflow automation mainly entails the creation, management and editing of documents for various functions, including HR, accounting and senior management functions and employee workflow. The assembling of new documents in itself is time and knowledge-consuming for employees. As a result, when not automated, it leads to high error rates during collecting and editing data from various platforms. Further, finding and sharing files from multiple storage devices and platforms can be time-consuming.

Critical document automation solutions include:

  • Integration of third-party data: collecting data from different platforms in a digital environment requires the integration of software. Because the number of data sources in a modern business setting is diverse, the use of a single integrated document automation legal system is more of a necessity. Consequently, overall costs of running a business go down as the time spent on a single business task is reduced and the occurrence of errors minimized.
  • Efficient access to document Templates: through document creation tools, companies can find specific document templates for particular documents to save time and enhance uniformity. You can customize a system that provides document templates per category to allow you to efficiently similar documents without the need to come up with a document from scratch.
  • Document criteria validation: automated document validation allows ease of categorizing documents for identification and search location. It is also essential to retrieve information from various integrated platforms in the system. Document processing automation software helps extract information from unstructured documents that would have otherwise required multiple technologies more efficiently.
  • Automated workflow: document workflow automation is necessary where a business has a strict chain of command. Employees don’t need to decide where to send documents as information automatically goes through the predetermined downward communication routines.
  • Compliance requirements: where there is a need for specific legal checks, document automation reviews save business resources by allowing workers to comply with the various requirements.
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 How Lumin can help with automation

Lumin is a document automation software that allows you to automate specific business processes as follows:

Lumin OCR: the software makes handwritten documents readable and searchable with, you can edit scanned hand-written material in digital form by highlighting specific sections, including content and adding comments.

Auto storage of documents: Lumin is cloud-based, and documents are stored automatically in your Lumin account, Google or Dropbox. With this document development software, you can use passwords to enhance document safety and prevent access by unauthorized persons.

Accessing, editing, managing and converting pdf documents with Lumin OCR: Lumin has innovative pdf editing features where you can perform different alterations for documents stored in your account or device. You can perform multiple functions of pdf files: split and merge pdf, add signatures and images, etc.

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Collaboration: the need for collaboration of remote teams has been on the rise, with many businesses embracing the trend. Lumin allows teams to work on the same document from remote locations, making changes and giving insight through chat in real time. With auto synch features, the changes made on the document are visible to all collaborating members.

Annotation: This software document automation allows you to add comments to documents which are visible to your team. Consequently, teams working on a project can share their opinions and provide recommendations.

Creating fillable pdf docs: fillable pdfs are essential for various business functions, such as the collection of data for recruitment purposes. They allow for uniformity in data collection and ease of management. They are convenient as once the required persons complete these shared Lumin files, they do not need to resend them.

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Wrap up

Software document automation is a critical initial step in embracing automation in your business. It simplifies work processes increasing employee engagement, service delivery and productivity. Consequently, reducing redundancy in tasks can lead to job dissatisfaction and turnover.

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