Traditional divorce litigation can be frustrating, expensive, and lengthy. Collaborative divorce is an effective alternative to court litigation. Both spouses communicate freely in a safe environment to negotiate the divorce agreement. They meet together with their respective attorneys and resolve every divorce-related issue such as financial distribution, child custody and support, and alimony.


In collaborative divorces, both parties and their lawyers agree not to litigate. If one party decides to pursue court litigation in the future, they have to seek new legal representation. The guidance of an experienced divorce attorney in Monroe NC enables you to have a successful collaborative divorce, dismissing the need for litigation.

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Here are the benefits of collaborative divorce. 


  • Control over the outcome. 


Unlike court litigation, where the judge makes decisions for you, you and your spouse enjoy more control in collaborative divorces. Both of you know your family better than anyone and can reach creative and personalized solutions that best fulfill your future needs. Since these custom solutions satisfy both of you, you are more likely to stick to the agreement and prevent future arguments.


  • Relieves your distress. 


Divorces can be emotionally overwhelming. Navigating the complex laws of your state to finalize the divorce can be challenging and adds to your distress during this time. Collaborative divorces are informal and less stressful. They help avoid heated conflicts in court and encourage cooperation.

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  • Confidentiality. 


People prefer to keep their family matters private. However, in litigation, the information disclosed in court trials becomes a part of the public records accessible by anyone. It does not allow the spouses to have the privacy they need. Collaborative divorces enable spouses to resolve their disagreements privately and discreetly.


  • Saves cost and time. 


Divorces can take up to years to finalize in court. There are several formalities and legal procedures involved before it is finalized. These complications also lead to increased court fees and legal costs that the spouses have to incur. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and waiting years to resolve the issues, choosing a collaborative divorce can help you achieve quicker results in an affordable manner.

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  • Professional advice. 


The presence of your respective lawyers ensures that the agreement is fair and protects both of your best interests. They offer you legal advice that can help you reach better solutions. You can also seek the guidance of professionals such as financial advisors and child custody specialists during the negotiations.


It is necessary to choose the right lawyer for your collaborative divorce to ensure that it is successful. Consult a lawyer in Monroe, NC, that has specialized knowledge of collaborative law and relevant experience to help you negotiate the terms of a fair divorce agreement.

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