When it comes to enjoyable and immersive fiction, Chris Cleave’s novels are worth their weight in gold. This blog post takes you on a literary journey of five must-read novels that are guaranteed to leave you feeling a mixture of emotions. Chris Cleave’s novels are captivating and easy to read, making them perfect for fifth-graders and adults alike.

Section 1: Little Bee

Little Bee is a novel by Chris Cleave that recounts the story of Little Bee, a Nigerian girl who had to flee to England. Little Bee meets Sarah, a British woman who she had previously come in contact with, as they flee from the same event. Sarah and Little Bee form an unlikely alliance as they try to come to terms with their respective tragedies.

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This novel showcases the themes of survival, courage, and resilience. Cleave has a knack for writing stories that challenge readers to think deeply about society, survival and the human connection. Little Bee is an exceptional novel that connects readers and encourages them to understand the importance of compassion.

Section 2: Incendiary

Chris Cleave’s novel, Incendiary, is a powerful and thought-provoking story that aims to challenge readers’ perceptions. The novel is set in a world plagued by terrorism and follows the story of a mother who loses her child and husband in a terrorist attack. It is a tale of loss and grief, and the author’s approach to the subject matter is nothing short of brilliant.

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This novel forces readers to empathize with and understand the experience of the victim of terrorist events. The author aims to ignite the discussion surrounding violence, hatred, and their impact on society.

Section 3: Gold

Gold is a novel about two close friends who go against each other in the Olympics. Chris Cleave’s novel explores friendship, competition, love, and sportsmanship in a subtle and engaging way. The tale takes you on a wild ride of emotions where you will root for both of the main characters, making it challenging to decide which one you would want to win.

The book creates a vivid image of the Olympics, and readers can almost feel the pressure and adrenaline that the athletes experience. It is a perfect read for those who enjoy sports and competition novels.

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Section 4: Everyone Brave is Forgiven

In Everyone Brave is Forgiven, readers are transported into the realities of World War II. The novel explores the themes of race, love, friendship, and the effects of war on individuals. The story revolves around the lives of four people who must deal with the impact of the war.

The novel has a strong female protagonist, and the author does an excellent job of exploring gender roles during the time. Chris Cleave portrays the harsh effects of World War II, and the novel is a deeply moving portrayal of the atrocities of war.

Section 5: The Other Hand

The Other Hand is another captivating and powerful novel by Chris Cleave. The story is about two women, Little Bee, and Sarah, who meet each other under unlikely circumstances. Their story is one of friendship, immigration, and survival.

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In contrast to Little Bee, the author explores the complexities of the immigration system and the ways in which policies undermine humanity. The novel’s themes explore the challenges immigrants face, the frustration of bureaucracy, and the strength of the human spirit.

FAQs about Chris Cleave novels

Q1: What is the overall tone of Chris Cleave’s books?

Chris Cleave’s novels are engaging and easy to read. The author captures his readers in a subtle and relaxing manner.

Q2. What about the style of writing of Chris Cleave’s Novels?

Chris Cleave’s novels are written with a storytelling approach, making them captivating from start to end.

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Q3: Are Chris Cleave’s novels only for adults?

No. Chris Cleave’s novels are suitable for both adults and older children. Young readers can easily understand the storyline, and the stories are compelling enough to keep them engaged.

Q4: What kind of books does Chris Cleave write?

Chris Cleave specializes in fiction that touches on important and strong topics. His novels explore themes such as love, war, race, friendship, and survival.

Q5: What is the key message in Chris Cleave’s books?

The author aims to challenge readers to think deeply about society, survival and the human connection. Chris Cleave’s novels are centered around the importance of compassion and understanding towards people facing different challenges in life.

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Q6: Are Chris Cleave’s novels appropriate for a book club discussion?

Yes. Chris Cleave’s novels provide opportunities for readers to examine and discuss various themes, making them great for book club conversations.

Q7: Would you recommend a Chris Cleave novel to someone looking for inspiration?

Yes. Chris Cleave’s novels are filled with thought-provoking themes, and the author’s storytelling approach leaves readers feeling inspired.


Chris Cleave has an exceptional way of telling stories that touch readers deeply. His novels are thought-provoking, engaging, and easy to read, which makes them perfect for readers of all ages. Whether you are looking for a novel about courage, competition, love, war or racial disparities, Chris Cleave’s novels have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Chris Cleave novels and experience a literary journey that will leave you feeling inspired.

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